Why Leaving the Office Behind Benefits Productivity

Spending eight hours a day in front of a computer withinthe four walls of an office is common practicefor many people, butat the end of the workday, theyoften wonderwhy they feel so stiff.

Due to company demands and pressure,many employees havenow become so work-oriented;their personal lives have been relegated to the bottom of their inbox! Takingbreaks from work to spend time with family and colleagues is not an option for these driven workaholics – but while this may benefit business in the short-term, studies have shown that employee productivity has been decreasing over recent years.

Working continuously without a break drains our mental capacity, leading to lower productivity. Employees are the most significant assets of every company, and it is crucial for business success to keep employees stimulated and stress-free.

This is why forward thinking companies run sports orcorporate team building events so their workers can spend time out of the workplace. It helps to reducefatigue and anxiety, and enables employees to mix on a personal level, leading to improved working relationships.

Increase Creativity and Productivity

Taking a break from the desk for team sports dramatically improves creativity and productivity, as this has team members working together at the same level to find inventive solutions for each challenge. When employees with diverse perspectiveslearn to work together,they generate fresh ideas thatinfluence their work, and provide benefits forbothemployee emotional health andcompanygrowth.

Reduce Stress

Our bodies aren’t built for continuous work, and overloading the brain is often the cause of burnout and staff absenteeism. Ensuring that workers take an organised break will significantly reduce stress and improve their sense of well-being.

Energise Mind and Body

Far more advantageous than drinking a coffee from a mobile coffee truck, stepping out of the office to do something physical, directly benefits our health. Neck and shoulder pain, blurred vision, and a lack of exercise are a common problem with today’s employees. Playing a sport will stretch cramped muscles, add an element of fun to the day and boost energy levels.

Just for a while, employees can forget their duties, get to appreciate their colleagues and kick start their brains to maximize work effectiveness.