Why Parents Prefer Invisalign For Their Teenagers

For many reasons, parents prefer Invisalign for teens. While it may not be the cheaper option, especially compared to traditional braces, but they tend to have greater benefits. Crooked, and misaligned teeth can really harm a teen’s self-confidence and self-esteem which in turn will prevent them from engaging in social activities, sports, and other school-related academics. Uncomfortable metal braces do not have to be forced on teens. Instead, parents understand these things and for distinct reasons have a strong preference for Invisalign.

First, Invisalign is perfect for treating some of the same issues that traditional braces can. Most issues that can be treated by metal braces can be treated with the same effectiveness though wearing Invisalign braces. Instead of using brackets and wires to fix crooked teeth, Invisalign uses removable aligners that are clear to straighten teeth. Teens also do not experience as much discomfort from wearing Invisalign as they would wearing metal braces.

Next, Invisalign does not require your teen to change their diet. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign allows your teen to eat pizza without having to worry about cheese getting caught in their braces upon every bite. All that is needed is for your teen to simply remove their aligner prior to eating. With that being said, they are free to eat whatever they choose

Parents will be delighted to know that their teen will be ready to smile after their treatment with Invisalign. A lot of time is required when brushing teeth in regular metal braces. More effort is also required but not as much with Invisalign which is yet another reason why parents would prefer their teen in Invisalign. Metal braces are also known to leave yellow stains on the enamel of a person’s teeth. Now more money and time would need to spend on various treatments. It is much easier for teens to keep up with their oral health since they can carefully take their aligners out. They will also be able to continue their usual dental cleanings and other treatments with Invisalign.

Speed is another benefit of Invisalign and another reason why so many parents choose it. Adjustments and alignment of the teeth are done quickly and while the duration of treatment is not an actual estimate, most teens can have them off anywhere between a year to eighteen months. It really depends on the severity of a teen’s teeth and many other factors that will play a role in determining the duration. However, most people that wear traditional braces do so for at least two years which is longer than the normal time frame for Invisalign.

Finally, parents prefer Invisalign for teens because they will not interrupt social standings or effect pictures. Invisalign is invisible in every picture a teen smiles in. Therefore, teenagers live wearing them. There is no need to worry about being teased about wearing metal braces and being called names. For those parents looking for reduced stress on both their teens and they, Invisalign is the way to go. If teens need to remove their aligners to take a school photo or for any other occasion, again they have that choice.

Overall, Invisalign works just the same and with the same effectiveness as traditional braces with less stress. There is no more need to worry about being restricted from eating certain foods or being talked about at school. Invisalign may cost more but they cut the maintenance needed in half by at least half of a year.