Why Should Pharmaceutical Companies Use Intelligent Packaging?

Regardless of the type of product it is, the packaging should always be done right. This is especially important for industries that are involved in the production of consumable things like a drug.

Packaging for pharmaceutical industries is of great importance because of plenty of reasons. They are known to make use of high-grade pharmaceutical aluminum tubes for the packaging of every product. This helps in maintaining the quality of the drug. Not just that but it also keeps the drug from getting damaged from outside elements.

The best kind of pharmaceutical packaging is intelligent packaging. With this kind of packaging, the pharmaceutical industry can benefit a lot. Let’s find out how.

Benefits of Intelligent Packaging

We already know that packaging helps you to protect the drug from getting damaged. Other than that it also helps you to market your product better. But what we don’t know is that pharmaceutical packaging also includes medicinal ingredients as well. This helps the customers to know what the drug is made of. In the section below we have explained how intelligent packaging can be beneficial for the pharmaceutical company.

  1. Time-temperature indicators

Many drugs need to be stored at a certain temperature. This is important so that they don’t get spoiled or damaged. In this case, it can become dangerous to use for the customers.

With the help of intelligent packaging, pharmaceutical companies can create labels containing information about the temperature needs of the product. It also contains the storage information that is important for doctors and drug store sellers to know.

  1. Near Field Communication Tags

Not many of us prefer to read the information leaflets that are provided with the drug packets. That’s because we rely more on prescriptions that are given to us by our doctors. This is why it becomes more important for patients to know that they are using the right drug and in the right way.

With the help of NFC tags (Near Field Communication), pharmaceutical companies can interactively deliver the required information. For example, via the patient’s phone in the form of a video.

  1. Other applications

There are many other advantages of intelligent packaging that we are yet to discuss.

Some medicines need to be kept in a specific environment. With the help of intelligent packaging, pharmaceutical companies can maintain the proper environment for the drugs. If they fail to do so, then the drug can get damaged. In the worst cases, it can even release bacteria or chemicals. Consuming such drugs can be highly dangerous for your health.

Intelligent packaging contains biosensors or chemical displays which indicates whether the drug is safe to consume or not. It can show you whether it has expired.

From the above discussion, we not only the importance of packaging in the pharmaceutical companies, but we also got to know how intelligent packaging can be helpful. The next time, when you go out to buy drugs do check the packaging to know more about the product.