Why Should You Retire To Florida?

Actually the question should be, “Why wouldn’t you retire to Florida? It is the Sunshine state after all. Florida has more people over the age of 65, than any other state. Why not? You have beaches surrounding the whole entire state, fishing opportunities abound, and great weather. If you don’t like it too hot, you can move to the Northern sections, that are a little cooler, and even cooler Winters, but not enough for snow.

There are many reasons to retire to Florida. One is, medical facilities. You don’t have to worry about finding a specific doctor. There are tons of medical facilities for the young and old. The need for medical facilities was realized as more and more older citizens starting staying year round, instead of being just “snowbirds”. At one time, retirees would have to go back to their home states for care. They no longer do.

Something very important to think about, is the financial advantages. There is no state income tax. What this means, is that your social security benefits, pensions, 401K, and IRA;s are not taxed. Wow! If that is not a reason to retire there, I don’t know what is. Also, there is no estate or inheritance tax, so you get to leave behind, just a little bit more. The sales tax rate is not bad either. It can be anywhere from 6.00% to 8.00% depending on what city you live in. But compare that to some states, such as Tennessee, where it is 8.5-9.5%, and you are saving every single day, you buy anything. Property taxes are also lower than the national average.

The best reason for retiring to Florida is multiple activities abound. Some people when they retire are jet set for the first year, thinking, “Yay” I am free from working. However, they soon get bored, and run out of things to do in their yards, and homes. This is where Florida comes into the picture.

Florida has a year round comfortable weather environment. You don’t have to wait for Spring and Summer to get out and do things. You can golf year round anywhere in the state. If you get tired of local courses, take a mini vacation, and head to another location. A lot of Florida Retirement Living communities incorporate at least one course in them, as well as tons of other activities, such as walking trails, swimming pools, clubhouses and more.

Florida is a very diverse state. Of course there are beaches, and tourist areas, but there are also a lot of wonderful undisturbed natural habitats as well. It is the ultimate in Florida Retirement Living. The West coast on the Gulf of Mexico, between Tampa, and close to the Panhandle, is called Nature Coast, and for good reason. The West Indies Manatee come in droves, during the Winter, with some staying year round. There are plenty of Springs to visit, and under water caves too.

If you love fishing, there is plenty of that to do. Hit the Ocean for some swordfish, then go to the other side on the Gulf, for Grouper and more. If you like competitions, there are plenty of those too. The lakes and rivers also offer all kinds of fishing opportunities. Maybe you just want to relax by the shore? Buy a portable hammock and hook it up to trees. Remember this is the good life now. Now to relax from all those years of hard work.

If you are feeling like a kid, or want to take the grandkids somewhere, head to Disney! There is plenty to do, so make Florida your new forever home.