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Bet well on the tennis one must understand how this one works. It should already be noted, that only 4 types of tournament are available for the French bettors.

  • The ATP 250 who earn 250 points in the standings and an average of $ 80,000 to the winner.
  • The ATP 500 who earn 500 points in the standings and average $ 350,000 to the winner.
  • The ATP 1000 that pays 1000 points to the winner and an average of $ 1,100,000 to the winner.

Lastly, the site tournaments (the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, the US Open, which bring in 2,500 points and an average of $ 2,000,000 to the winner. Of course, the earlier the bettors are eliminated in the tournaments, the less points and money they have. It can be easily deduced from this that top-ranked players will prefer to focus on ATP 1000s and Grand Slam tournaments that will pay more for them.
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  • On the other hand it is possible that lower ranked players are targeting less prestigious tournaments in which the competition is less intense.
  • In general, tennis players will try to focus on the tournaments that take place on their favorite surfaces. There are 3 main surfaces: hard, clay (like Roland Garros), and turf (as at Wimbledon). But there are others such as concrete or synthetic grass, and tournaments outside or indoor.

Obviously the surface but also the weather will count enormously in the analysis of a match, but we will come back later in the article. If you want to succeed your tennis bets, being passionate about tennis is a must.

Being passionate about tennis

No doubt even more than in other sports, being passionate is really necessary to win your tennis bets

Indeed tennis is a sport that requires a lot of knowledge about players and their level on different surfaces. This requires you to acquire a true culture of sport, much more than what can be found for football for example.

  • You must also regularly follow the news in order to know the state of form of the player and the different stakes of the match and the tournament. Simply because it will have a great influence on the course of the match.
  • In particular, there are tennis matches every day, all the time. Often even several tournaments take place at the same time and sometimes even on different surfaces. As a bettor, it takes a lot of monitoring. But it is essential if you want to succeed your analysis on tennis matches.

It is clear, for beginners to bet on tennis is not easy. Indeed knowing tennis is important, but that’s not enough. We must also adapt its analysis to the specificities of this sport. Find out how to proceed by applying common sense advice.