You Can Fix the Information Industry

They call it “e-learning”, and even pre-covid, the numbers were staggering. People, more and more, are turning to self-education and purchasing online courses to help them solve problems and get ahead in the world.

Nearly 1 billion dollars a day are spent on such information products, taking this “niche” industry that only weirdos used to play in, and finally making it mainstream.

You may think when a customer buys a $2,000 information product that they’d move mountains to go through and extract every piece of value from it, yeah?

Well, it doesn’t play out that way in the real world. 97.3% of courses, programs and info products that get bought never get consumed in full.

When nearly everybody fails to even complete the thing they spent big money on, it tells me the problem isn’t with the customer… it’s the industry as a whole.

This is a fundamental problem with the information industry – the biggest problem is that most customers who buy information products, courses and programs never finish them.

If you want to sell products, this is a bitter pill to swallow – because even if you created the best product, most people who paid you for it won’t go through all of it – or half of it… or even 10 percent of it.

If you consider your own behavior, you may also, if you are honest with yourself, agree that you also commit the sin of not finishing the courses you buy.

So clearly, with such low consumption rates, there seems to be a fundamental problem with the information industry that goes beyond just putting the blame squarely on the consumer’s lack of willpower, or intelligence, or determination.

But what if there was a solution to this madness? It should excite you to ponder such a solution for two reasons:

1) you would probably become way more successful way sooner, and
2) the information business, even in its “broken” state, still produces nearly a billion dollars in daily online sales.

A recent breakthrough though is set to flip this whole industry on its head. If you’ve ever bought an online information product, this will be an eye opener.

It’s also for you if you’ve considered selling your own info products, but don’t know where to start – or even if you have existing info products, but can’t get them to make you the money you want.

See, the world doesn’t need more info products. It needs “experience” products.

What if you could get nearly all customers of an info product to consume nearly all of that info product?

You’d get those customers better results, which is cool. But even better is you’d make more money more easily, because you’d have happier customers, higher success rates, more word of mouth, and best of all…

You’d sleep better at night knowing that you aren’t taking money from people who can’t get any benefit out of what they paid for.

The short answer to how you do this is called the Experience Formula.

The formula is designed for you and your customers to get a better strategy on getting more out of products you’ve recently bought or those you might buy in the future.

You’ll also be granted a new super power – one you can use, if you wish, to create a positive disruption and open up new profit possibilities.

So how does it work?

Take casinos and game apps and Facebook. They all do all sorts of things to make their products addictive by design. Though the methods they use I would consider – for the most part – unethical.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be unethical. What if you could become addicted to happiness, addicted to better health or addicted to achieving your goals?

And what if you could turn this addiction “on” in others, and in a way that is actually easier than what you’re probably doing right now to make profit and be happy?

Yeah, that’s what the experience formula is all about!

Beyond getting people hooked on spending with you, you can hook them on taking action, you can hook them on getting results and as a result, you’ll have a customer for life.


The value of information in and of itself is just about worthless these days.

Hundreds of hours of YouTube content is uploaded every second.

If you don’t change your approach to going about building an online business, you’re hosed. It’s like running on a treadmill – yes you’re taking action, but you’re not getting anywhere.

With this subtle and simple shift though, you can restore the value of information – and because more people are on the net than ever – you can see bigger gains than at any time previously in history.

You can be part of that positive change today by checking out this masterclass.