Your Rights as a Motorist in an Accident Case 

Getting into a collision with a vehicle can be a living nightmare. On one hand, you will face potential liabilities including jail time, hefty medical, repair bills, and more. It is important to however to remain calm, and deliberate the matter with legal experts if the accident was serious. An accidental injury can result in your losing rights to your property through DUI charges. It can also mean going bankrupt through medical bills. It can also mean going to jail for failure to pay repair damages of the other party. Moreover, around 30 million drivers in the US are uninsured. Hence, if you are in an accident prone place like Boise, Idaho, be sure to seek legal help like a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer. The following are your rights as a motorist in Idaho. 

Right to Compensation

As a motorist, you have the right to full compensation to your rightful damages. Your rightful damage in Idaho includes, your lost wages due to injuries, the cost of your medical bills, the costs to your property (vehicle in most cases), and costs of long-term impact on your career. Furthermore, you may also seek rehabilitation costs for psychological damage the incident has inflected on you as an individual. 

Right to Insurance 

Insurance companies operate with tremendous expertise to deny claims. This includes getting raw estimates that suit their interests, furthermore understanding the legal loopholes to suit their agenda, and many more. However, as a motorist, you have the right to hold insurance company liable to their in-principle commitment to honor their policy, and pay for incurred damages. Furthermore, you also reserve the right to deny any and all claims of settlement from insurance companies, unless you are completely satisfied with the terms of settlement. 

Right to Legal Action 

Apart from insurance, you also have the legal course to recover your damages. This is an interesting course in cases, where the other party is not uninsured. In such cases, you may need to treat your insurance provider as an adversary to reclaim your payment. There are many loopholes insurance companies will try to exploit in cases where the other party cannot pay for insurance. However, in states like Idaho, you can hold them liable to pay for your other damages including medical bills, and long-term injury costs. Be sure to know speak to your attorney, if your insurance company is trying to get you to settle. A lawyer will usually provide free consultation, and if you have a good case on your hand, will likely get you far more in compensation.