Cold Storage FAQ’s

Here at Western Gateway Cold Storage in Ogden, Utah we have invested in a safe, modern, and secure facility that is energy-efficient and cost-effective for temperature-sensitive items. As a 3PL provider, our warehouse has been optimized to be an extension of your logistics operations to receive your stock where it needs to be while constantly keeping matters safe, clean, and cold. We’ve got multiple freezer rooms which are capable of -25 F, into cooler rooms that are perfect for an inventory that needs temperatures between 35 – 45 F, and then farther still to ambient temp dry storage. If you are looking for order fulfillment we also do that. Western Gateway Cold Storage can be your solution to your online order and eCommerce fulfillment. We can coordinate with your final shuttle shipping company whether that’s by the truckload, pallet, case, or box. As an established 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) provider, our cold storage warehousing and transportation assets are set up to encourage efficient 3PL solutions to satisfy our clients’ varying needs. By handling certain aspects of your supply chain, our logistic services allow clients to focus on other core competencies of the business while decreasing overall supply chain costs.

In addition to decreasing your supply chain expenses, our 3PL services save clients time, improve current operations, supply a comprehensive network of resources, and offer the flexibility required to deal with the fluctuations of demand and supply. We are committed to safety. We complete a certified third party logistics (3PL) audit for our warehouse cleanliness and operations to fulfill our mission to keep your inventory secure, clean, and cold. We supply a complete range of distribution services and storage options to meet any customers’ needs. We optimize efficacy with our energy-saving and economical resources. At Western Gateway Cold Storage in Ogden, Utah we want to make sure you are taken care of. Contact us for more details. Listed below are all of our solutions:

Freezer Storage

Freezer rooms are -25 F capable. Multiple rooms for various temperature and humidity control.

Cooler Storage

Cooler rooms for inventory requiring 35 – 65 F. Multiple rooms for various temperature and humidity control.

Public and Dedicated Storage

Public warehousing allows short and medium term customers the ability to utilize our locations decreasing capital expenditures on distribution assets.

We are open to explore medium to long term agreements for existing and even new locations.

Inventory Handling

Allow our professional warehouse staff to take over the labor burden of inventory handing.

Transloading or Cross-docking

Rail to trailer or trailer to rail trans-loading, cross-docking
General Handling Services

Western Gateway Cold Storage provides 3pl cold storage solutions. They do transportation and logistics for all.