How to Effectively Use CBD Topical Creams: a Step By Step Guide

CBD topicals are simply basic creams that contain CBD oil. You can use them to treat several health issues. They include chronic and mild joint or muscle pains. Besides that, topical creams are effective remedies for skin disorders. But how can you use CBD oil effectively? Well, below is a step by step guide. Besides that, here is a brief overview of the best topical brands.

How to Use CBD Topical Cream

CBD cream is for external purposes. This means that you need to apply it to the skin. But the outermost skin layer isn’t also clean. So, to get the full effects of the CBD oil cream, you need to follow these steps.

Step1: Deciding Where to Apply and Preparing the Area

The application of CBD cream for pain needs a specific area. This is because CBD ointment normally provides a localized effect. So, consider the source of pain. For instance, it could be a sore joint. The key is to determine where the pain is coming from. However, sometimes the source of pain isn’t a specific area. This means that you can apply the topical cream on common sore spots. This includes areas such as:

  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Temples
  • Wrists
  • Kneeand other joints.

Step2: Cleaning Up and What to Expect

Cleaning is important in order to attain the full benefits of the CBD topical cream. The environment we live in and the things we come in contact with are all dirty. From time to time, our bodies normally come in contact with contaminants and bacteria. However, these contaminants usually adhere to the skin. This is because the skin acts as a protective barrier.

Therefore, cleaning the skin helps to eliminate these harmful contaminants. Use warm water, a mild cleanser, and a washcloth to scrub the skin. After that, pat it dry with a clean towel. This process helps to ensure that you remove unwanted bacteria and debris from your skin.

Step3: Applying and Massaging the Cream

Once the skin is dry, then you need to apply a generous amount of the cream. Ensure that you vigorously massage the specific area. This is crucial in getting the topical CBD cream into your skin. However, there is no need to be rough. Excess pressure means that you will end up with discomfort. This is because you might end up causing harm to the skin. Simply be firm while massaging.

Note: once the application process is complete, wash your hands. This is because a topical CBD cream for pain might have other ingredients. Most of them normally have pepper, citrus, and mints. These organic ingredients are not good for your eyes or nostril. You may end up with a runny nose or tears.

Will It Work Every Time As Expected?

Well, CBD topical cream can’t work every time as you expect. Although the compound is highly effective, you need to adjust your expectations. There is no magic behind it. So, you need to prepare for a gradual and subtle healing process. The overall effect depends on the concentration of the CBD topical cream. Besides that, the severity of pain is also crucial.

Well-Known Brands You Should Try

Finding the best CBD cream for pain isn’t easy. And if you are looking for best cbd cream for pain, you will definitely come across various manufacturers. Overall, there is a broad range of products in the market. However, some conspicuously stand out and they include:


FAB CBD is a popular brand in the marijuana market. They offer several forms of CBD oil products for various purposes. Fab CBD has quality CBD cream which helps to treat sore joints and muscles. The product is made with 600 mg cannabidiol. Besides that, the full-spectrum oil is completely organic. This means that it’s an effective remedy for treating various forms of pain. Overall, CBD is a recommendable brand. Its CBD cream is excellent. Besides that, the brand has an excellent customer care service.


This is a premium and quality CBD topical cream.  As a brand, Spruce normally uses full-spectrum oil. With a high level of cannabidiol concentration, it normally produces outstanding results. The organic hemp product is, therefore, great for treating chronic pain.


This brand uses organic hemp to manufacture full-spectrum oil. The topical cream is a highly effective product. It also features a blend of menthol, caffeine, and white willow bark. All these ingredients help to ease the pain. The nourishing terpenes, as well as ad vitamins and fatty acids, significantly improve the healing process.

The Bottom Line

CBD topical cream can be an effective remedy for pain. These products normally offer a localized effect. Hence they are great for treating a specific body part. They also have very low chances of causing unwanted side effects. This is because they only act on the external part of the skin. But to avoid possible effects, it’s important to first do a patch test. This helps to determine the effectiveness of the topical cream for you.