Mark Roemer Examines Must-Have Things Every Man Should Own


Material wealth can never make a man. However, it certainly goes a long way to make men look good and adds a fair bit of functionality. According to Mark Roemer, there are a few things that men can’t do without. Here’s a few of them:

The Things

  1. Elegant Watch – Every man needs at least one good watch to go with their style. Your chronometer doesn’t need to have the tag of Rolex on it. However, you should spend around half a grand on a good watch. That price gets you an intricately designed high-quality machine on your wrist that will see the flow of time with you for many years. At that kind of budget, you also get spoilt for choice by hundreds of watchmakers. 
  2. Comfy dress shoes – Your wardrobe isn’t complete without a nice pair of dress shoes. You may have several of them that cover a vast variety of styles including brown, two-tone, loafers, and more. However, apart from the style you also need to make your selection based on the comfort level. Your next pair of dress shoes should be comfortable enough to keep you on your feet throughout the day without soreness or blisters. 
  3. Multi-tool/Pocket Knife – In any discussion about multi-tools or pocketknife, there is only one Swiss manufacturer or “The” manufacturer that should grab your attention. Yes, it’s Victorinox. The brand has dominated this segment for over a century and for good reason. The craftsmanship and quality of Swiss Army Knives is undoubted, and they last you for a lifetime. The reliable tool can be with you anywhere you go, except maybe through a metal detector. With the correct tool, you can make a shaft, cut through your game, fix your bike, and do a lot more. 
  4. Nice Blazer – Men look their best in formals. Irrespective of how many times you wear your formal jacket, you should always have a good one to look your best in an important event. The best thing about a well-made blazer is that it can be paired up with regular trousers, partywear, or your favorite denims. You can also wear your blazer with a t-shirt or a shirt underneath and a tie or a scarf in between. The possibilities are endless. If you are tight on cash, you can get a decent blazer for as less as $200. Or, you can spend a few grand to make a lifetime purchase. 
  5. A sense of honesty – Finally you have something on the list that doesn’t require you to spend a single dollar for the purchase. However, it comes at a high cost, especially in testing times. Being honest means, you don’t put up a pretense of false modesty or take credit where it isn’t yours.


Mark Roemer suggests that a complete man doesn’t need a lot of things to go by. However, the things you want to have must be worthwhile and help you to express yourself in the best possible way.