Your All-Time-Needed Electricians Tools Under One Roof

Electrician tools are used in the garden, housework, industry, construction and domestic tasks such as cooking and cleaning, electrical equipment. With the growth of Internet and online stores, electronic resources can now be bought from hand; this might be intimidating and challenging if you shop online for the first time. But when you opt for a reliableonline store, the buying process becomes a piece of cake.

AGM Electrical Supplies—A Leading Online Electrical Wholesaler In Australia

AGM Electrical Supplies is the popular online electrical wholesaler expanding its services to all over Australia. AGM also deliver electrical products to China and New Zealand.

The brand name is very relevant when purchasing the tools online. Since you won’t be physically present to determine the quality of the products, you might need to go for the popular brands. You’ll be assured of good quality with the popular brands at AGM. The famous brands such as Clipsal, Marvel, Channellock and many more at AGM have been on the market for a long time and through training, the manufacturers have learned the skills. Buying the well-established and well-known brands in the market can never go wrong.

Types Of Electrician Tools At AGM


Having a good quality set of screwdrivers is a must.  It is best to buy them in a complete set instead of separately as this will save you money and increase the chances of having the driver that best fits the need.

Wire Strippers

Buy a wire stripper of top quality at AGM online store. A mixture of crimper, roller, stripper, bolt cutter and more, like those used in automobile electrical repair kits, can also be very useful, but the multifunctional nature ensures that the wire stripping feature is impaired.


Buy a hammer with good-quality handle.  You’ll need this to move staples, nails, etc.

Nut Drivers

A good set of nut drivers is not necessary, but for some jobs where a wrench or a socket kit is not practical come in very handy.

Tape Measure

Have a good quality, tape measure locking and a blade maybe over-kill, but it will come in handy for other tasks around the house.


You can buy a plier with a wire cutter, or a plier with a bull nose. It can be used to hack, fold, twist cables etc.

Standard, Long-Nosed Pliers

They re also known needle nose pliers.  It is also very useful to have these devices as part of your electronic tool kit.  They should have wire cuttingcapabilityas well.

Buy Top Quality Electrician Tools From AGM Electrical

You can either choose to buy tools online from the manufacturer’s website or order from an existing website. AGM online storespecializes in the selling of all electrical accessories so you can purchase from them to get the best deals and the right product price. You can read here Top reasons to buy from AGM Electrical Supplies.

Below are all-time-neededand unfailing electrician tools you can order at the AGM online electrical store:

  • Cable Strippers & Cutters
  • Pliers & Side Cutters
  • Voltage & Metal Detectors
  • Screw Drivers & Screw Driver Sets
  • Electrical Testing Equipment
  • Labeling
  • Conduit Cutters
  • RG59/RG6 Crimping Tools

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